Who can wear the jewelry?

Anyone! Traditionally, mala beads are tools for meditation. The jewelry is also beautiful, and can be worn to remind you of your intention or to make a fashion statement. Whatever you are manifesting you can simply wear your beads to inspire you. 

What are the qualities of your stones and metals?

Our gemstones are natural stones from Mother Earth. We only Source the best stones and metals for our jewelry so that you have a piece that you can wear daily.

How do I care for my mala?

Most gemstone beads and metals can be cleaned using a washing solution of slightly tepid water and mild soap such as Ivory Dish Liquid. Dip a lint free cotton cloth into the liquid to dampen and wring out excess water. It's best to remove the jewelry when sleeping and bathing.

Will my jewelry look the same as the photo?

Each piece of jewelry is hand made, using real gemstones. Because of this, each beads is unique. Sometimes gemstones will have specks and flecks of lighter or darker colors, which occur naturally. As they are undyed, they will have variances in color. Sometimes the stones will vary in size.